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Campaign: Political

political system

according to modi Modi as the Chief Minister of Gujarat believes that the government should not play Greek chorus and be an onlooker. It must be an integral part of the society, a partner and not a master. In order to bring about speed and transparency in administration he has introduced the system of e-governance. The innovations such as video conferences, the addition of new universities, scientific approach to agriculture, ...more »

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Campaign: Political

Change in the mindset

All said and done, just changing the governance will not bring the changes which our country/state/city requires.We the people who are nothing but part of the so called 'filthy' Indian politics have to change the way we look at the political affairs. It's evident that these 2 things are inter-dependent. The 1st thing happens and the 2nd follows and while the 2nd happens 1st follows it. It is not a new idea Iam trying ...more »

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Campaign: Green

walk way parks

There are many small hillocks with lots of trees inside Hyderabad. These are biodiversity hotspots and lungs of city. These can be developed like KBR park with walkway in the circumference. This will make our city world class like Newyork for providing good green areas for citizens. I live near one hillock system in Miyapur opposite the bus body unit. I would like to take part in developing this hillock into a protected ...more »

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Campaign: Transparency


The budget allocation and cash transition for every contract and every department, expenditure should be tracked and exposed online similar to recovery.gov. The automation has 3 major advantages -1. A chance to regulate the spending of Tax Money 2. At least 1% reduction in corruption 3. Better user of technology in Govt. Infrastructure

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Campaign: Education

Mandating Interships in Colleges

Education system has become a merchandise service rather than institutions which nurture younger generation to be better citizens. The connectivity between the professional education and the real world is missing. To encourage and imbibe this connectivity, colleges should be mandated to have at least 10 paid internships every year. This in-turn gives a chance for realizing the spark of entrepreneurship which in turn brings ...more »

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